Welcome to the first edition of a new segment here on QuestMode, something that we’ve dubbed: Remake Required. We talk about games that we’ve played that we’d love to see remade or remastered using today’s technology and graphics prowess.

Very few games bring me for a trip down memory lane in the way that this game does. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Gex – Enter the Gecko for the PlayStation 1 does (it also released on N64, PC and a port for GameBoy Colour). Gex is, as the title would suggest, a gecko, one with cheesy and cliché one-liners, and enough attitude and wise-cracks to keep you entertained throughout your time with him. I was shocked a few years after playing through this game for the first time, that it’s actually a sequel, with it’s predecessor being a side-scrolling platformer released on the 3DO in 1995. Enter the Gecko is set two years after the events of the original. Have a look at the original trailer below.


Gex is now a retired, smart-alec gecko, who spends his days watching TV, keeping a low profile after all the media attention he received after defeating the evil Emperor Rez some years previous. One day, the face of the Emperor appears on his TV, and before he knows it, Gex has a pair of government agents knocking at his door, requesting his help. Rez has regained power in the Media Dimension again, and they believe that Gex can once again save the day and put the Emperor back in his place. After some reluctance, Gex ends up being swayed and returns to the Media Dimension, the briefcase full of cash basically made the decision for him.


The level design in this game is something that I loved from day one, and feel this rush of nostalgia every time I happen to think about it, or come across the game on the internet somewhere. Every level represents a TV channel, each one having a different genre, Cartoon (Toon TV); horror (Scream TV); sci-fi (The Rocket Channel); futuristic (Circuit Central); Kung-Fu (Kung-Fu Theater); Pre-history (The Pre-History Channel); Rezopolis; and Channel Z. Enter the Gecko was the first 3D platformer in the series and could be compared to the likes of Super Mario 64 or Spyro the Dragon. Parodying various franchises such as Looney Tunes and Star Wars, the main hub/level select area is full of TVs, each representing a different channel or genre. Each level has collectible TV remotes which can unlock new ares, bonus levels and boss levels.







Something about the charm and writing in this game just made it so enjoyable and memorable for me. Everything just seemed to fit into the one main theme it was trying to accomplish and was all very well thought out. It seemed to slip under the radar, and is extremely underrated in my opinion. I think that this game will stick with me as one of my favourites, and always bring back memories of busting my ass laughing at Gex with my brothers as a young kid.


Maybe nostalgia is playing a big part in this, but we definitely think that Gex – Enter the Gecko, Requires a Remake.


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