Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey is one to look forward to. It doesn’t seem like your typical alien shooter where you’re trapped on some ship doing everything you can to survive, though it does feature all of the above, it looks to have a lot more depth to it than just that, and certainly grabs attention quickly.


It has been compared to the likes of Dishonored and BioShock, big shoes to fill then, though something tells me this should fit quite snugly into them. Bethesda have always been synonymous for the lack of narrative and depth to their stories in some cases, this seems to break the mould a bit on that front though, with main character Morgan Yu having a prominent role in the narrative, if the below trailer is anything to go by.

Yu is aboard the moon-orbiting space station Talos I, researching into a hostile alien species known as the Typhon. Naturally, the Typhon escape confinement, Yu must do everything in his power to avoid being killed by these aliens, and attempt to escape the station at the same time. The player will use a variety of different weapons of abilities derived from the experiments on the Typhon, something similar to the way Plasmids work from the world of BioShock. This is quite intriguing, and I’m excited to see what kinds of powers these creatures can bestow upon us. The little ones remind me of a darker and more evil version of Half-Life’s Headcrabs.


The space station itself is set in something of an open world, something that Bethesda seem to be able to create and perfect in their sleep, with their hands tied behind their back. The game will be very story driven, with the players decisions effecting the overall outcome of the game, and what happens throughout, depending on what path the player takes. Interestingly, the game takes place in an alternate reality where President of the USA John F. Kennedy survives the assassination. The President directs a substantial amount of funding into space exploration and research, allowing this research into the Typhon to flourish. Will this be a decision that has severe consequences?

The first hour of the game has been shown online, and looks very interesting indeed. Releasing in May 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Prey is yet another one to be excited for in 2017.



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