The original Mass Effect trilogy’s (often unintentionally hilarious) paragon/renegade system will not appear in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Creators Bioware have discussed the exclusion of the sometimes divisive feature, citing the fact that the system felt “…very Shepherd” (the protagonist of the first 3 games) as the main reason for leaving it out. The game’s creative director Mac Walters also revealed details about the system replacing it, stating that dialogue is now more about “agreeing or disagreeing” with your squadmates (as opposed to punching anyone who disagreed with you in the older games). Walters went on to tease how the developers have added 4 different tones of voice that your character can supposedly deliver their opinion in, but details were scarce. More will undoubtedly be revealed on this front soon.

The original trilogy’s paragon/renegade system often felt very black and white; you played as either a straight-up ‘good guy’ or a straight-up ‘bad guy’ with no in between. In fact, the game actually encouraged players to stick to one path or the other, rather than introducing any kind of middle ground. For a game series that focuses so much on telling compelling stories, there is clearly an issue here that needs to be addressed. Hopefully Andromeda will move this in the right direction.


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