We’ve all played Super Mario Bros. This game will go down as one of  the greatest of all time, and timeless. I remember playing it when I was only a wee lad, and I still give it a go every now and again to this very day, on the same cartridge and NES, I might add.


Some of you may not have realised the secret hidden in plain sight, and it’s right there. In the title. Super Mario Bros. Bros. This refers to Mario and Luigi. The Mario Bros.

Yes, that’s right, Mario and Luigi’s surname is Mario. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Epic.


The famous brothers aren’t alone in this wacky name phenomenon over at Nintendo though. In an interview with Game InformerThe Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and series producer Eiji Aonuma answered a series of rapid-fire questions where they revealed Link’s surname. See below:

Link Link, an instant classic. These are the reasons that I love Nintendo. There’s always this wacky side to their games that make you grin.

The reasoning they give for Link’s odd surname is that Link is not human. This kind of makes sense, why would he have a human-like name structure if he’s not human?

Using this logic though, one might pose the question.. does this mean that Mario and Luigi aren’t human???

You right now

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