Sick of that noise coming from your gaming PC? Are the fans on your GPU simply just too loud? Palit has you covered.

The GTX 1050ti is Nvidia’s mid to low range GPU for budget builds. It has proven to be a favourite among those who want a good bang-for-buck system that can still output a decent framerate at decent settings. Palit Microsystems have just release a completely passively cooled iteration of this card. This means that there are no fans, no fancy hybrid liquid cooling mumbo-jumbo, or any moving parts at all for that matter. Ladies and nerds I present to you, Palit’s 1050 Ti KalmX.



The card itself certainly won’t be for everyone, aesthetically that is. It isn’t the ugliest GPU I’ve come across, mind. In fact, I think it looks just different enough to be kind of cool. The fact that this card will run completely silently is a big plus aswel, especially because of the fact that it’s a smaller card, making this a budget ITX system builder’s dream.

Could this card be a precursor to passively cooled graphics cards? Could this possibly be the beginning of a completely passively cooled system? More than likely not, no, but it looks to be a step in the right direction.



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