Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst are available to play now – the only catch is you’ll need a copy of Minecraft to do so.

Somebody (or a group of somebodies) known as Phoenix Projects have uploaded their own created world to the PC version of Mojang’s phenomenon Minecraft. The freely downloadable mod has been painstakingly customised in an effort to create a playable Pokémon-inspired world.


The mod features (apparently) 136 little critters that act as the world’s Pokémon, a means of capturing the creatures, a battle system, as well as the usual fare in Pokémon titles such as villages and people to interact with. The creators of the world have stated that it took 31 months to finish – and judging from the footage below its easy to see why.


The dedication here is insane, and again shows the creativity Minecraft affords to it’s players. 31 months does seem a little daunting, though…


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