Sony have announced PS4 firmware update 4.50 is coming. Codenamed Project Sasuke, the update will bring about some welcome new functionality to the console, whose sales continue to increase.

The update will add the ability to use external HDDs, allowing the use of disks up to a whopping 8TB in storage, but only USB 3 compatible models. Sony said that users will be able to download and install games directly to them, which is a welcome feature for those who may have a spare drive lying around.


After our new friend Sasuke is installed, players will be able to use custom wallpapers on the PS4‘s home screen, so you can “set your favorite in-game screenshot as the background image for PS4’s home screen.”

The quick menu will take up less screen real estate than before also, allowing players quick access to different features while not taking up too much of your screen, making it “even more accessible.”

One of the arguably more exciting things coming in this update is the PS4 will now allow the user to watch 3D movies using the stereoscopic 3D on the PlayStation VR headset. This will be sure to make those of us who forked out the cash for the headset very happy, given it’s extra functionality.

Sony have stated that they will have “additional info, including launch timing, in the weeks to come.” Bring it on, we say.


Turning the controller won’t do anything mate, it’s a headset..

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