Final Fantasy 15‘s first DLC episode has been given a release date. During the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Celebration, Square Enix confirmed that there will be episodes released for each member of the party, save Noctis, of course, whose story is told in the main game itself.

Gladiolus, the walking chunk of pure muscle, will have his story told in the first episode, which will release on March 28th. We’re excited to learn more about him, hopefully his training regime will be revealed, this writer certainly wouldn’t mind a few tips on that front.


Gladio, the muscle

Prompto, another one of Prince Noctis’ allies, has been given a release date for his episode sometime in June. We’ll be sure to snap this one up when it releases. Get it? He’s a photographer. Snap? ..Forget it.

Prompto, the photographer

Ignis, the cook, hasn’t even gotten so much as a mention as to when his episode will release. More to look forward to, I suppose.

Before the release of the aforementioned episodes, will come a Booster Pack. This entails various rare items such as the very questionable Magitek Exosuits, which will make the player invinvible for 30 minutes. It resembles something the Power Rangers would suit up in. This Booster Pack will release on February 21st.

Final Fantasy XV is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Go, Go, Power Rangers



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