Updated, January 31st 2017:

EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that EA is “not presently making Skate 4.” We don’t really understand why someone working at the company would Tweet the below, but it got us excited for a bit. Oh, well.

Original Article:

We all loved Skate 3. Even though the game itself wasn’t all that successful at launch, it later grew more popular when it appeared on YouTube due to it’s glitchy nature.

We loved Skate 3 for it’s glitches, man oh man, the glitches. Some of the funniest moments that we’ve seen in a game have come from Skate 3’s incredible, hilarious glitches.

Fans of the franchise have been waiting quite awhile for the sequel, Skate 3 released back in May of 2010. The wait may soon be over though, if a recent Tweets from Community Manager from EA, seen below.


I’d certainly be excited to see a new entry in the series. Having been a fan of the series since it’s first iteration, I’d like the chance to rip it up in HD, next generation graphics and physics. Leave the glitches in though, for the laughs.



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