On the 25th of January, Square Enix and Marvel both tweeted teasers that they had big announcements to make. Today, they revealed that the RPG legends and comic book giants would be teaming up to make an Avengers game. Not just one though, they’ve classified this project as a “multi year, multi-game partnership“, stating that this will be “one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment“. A statement that is certainly true, given the following that both companies have. These two juggernauts will be sure to wow gamers and comic book junkies alike. See trailer below.


Featuring a completely original story, this project will be chock-full of the characters, the environments and the atmospheres that longtime fans of the franchise will certainly appreciate. 

The credit reel for the first game in this exciting universe will feature big names such as Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex developers Eidos Montréal

The game has a release set for 2018, which will undoubtedly be highly anticipated, if the reaction of fans so far is anything to go by.




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