Level-5 have confirmed that Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will be released on PC as well as PS4

CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino, confirmed this during an interview with GameSpot, saying “having a PC version means the game is more accessible for everyone overseas. As a fan of Western RPGs, I think our games need to be offering a similarly great experience, utilizing things like an open world, and a stress-free battle systems. It should feel familiar for all gamers.


Hino also spoke about their partners in this game, and anime legends Studio Ghibli, saying that their legacy would be well represented in this second iteration that very excited about, “Ghibli films mostly deal with families, and ever since we teamed up with Ghibli in the previous games, I really wanted to focus on the bonds of family.

To have a game like this be announced on PC is a breath of fresh air. Most JRPGs focus mainly on the Japanese market, meaning that on some occasions, people in the West might be left in the cold. This game, however, is set to come to Western shores at the same time it will release in Japan, we’re glad to know. Hino went on to say that they’re taking a bit of a different approach to this game, making sure to make Ni No Kuni II accessible to everyone, “We really care about having a worldwide sensibility this time around. In the first game we had a character doing Manzai, for example, but since this game will also be released at the same time for Japanese and Western audiences, from a localization point of view we’re really making it as straightforward as possible for players of all cultures to understand.


Although Ni No Kuni II still doesn’t have a concrete release date, it is due to release some time in 2017, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Be sure to read our review of this games predecessor Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch here.




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