Pokémon Duel is a free-to-play, strategy game available for iOS and Android, right now. Watch the trailer below.

This cutesy, capture the flag style game lets you build a team of six Pokémon, to attempt to reach the opponent’s Goal area. The strategy aspect has a bit more depth to it than you might imagine though, you also have to defend your own Goal area from your opponent. With each Pokémon having their own respective abilities (as per usual for the series), this game could get very complex. When two Pokémon meet eachother on the battlefield, a simplified version of the typical Pokémon battle commences. This consists of flipping a coin to decide which move your Pokémon will use. If your move is stronger than your opponent’s , the loser is knocked off the board.

Your team of Pocket Monsters!

You can add more Pokémon to your arsenal through purchase of booster packs, either with real world cash, or gems collected through victory in battle.

This feature is, well, meh. I must admit that I really am tired of these types of games always involving micro-transactions like this, but then again, if they weren’t present, these games would not exist. The developers have to be paid in some way, I suppose.

The Battlifield

Tell us what you think! Try it out on iOS or Android now!


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