Nintendo has announced that their upcoming console release, the Nintendo Switch, will not feature any video apps at launch.

Consoles having the ability to stream video via popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube has become commonplace in 2017. Both the PS4 and Xbox One allow users to download and install approved video applications, and even the Wii U featured an extensive range of apps such as Hulu and Amazon Prime. Nintendo have made to decision to omit streaming apps from the new Switch at launch, however.

The Wii U featured apps such as Amazon Prime

The Japanese company have stated that they are first and foremost concentrating on making the Switch the best straight-up gaming console it can be. They have not ruled out the possibility of the beloved apps mentioned above ever appearing on the console however, having stated that this may be included in a future update.

Perhaps Nintendo have a point focusing on creating a dedicated games console after the somewhat confused launch of their last hardware, the Wii U. Both gamers and the general public alike know Nintendo as masters of creating engaging and rewarding gaming experiences, and we hope the company gets back to its best form with the Switch.


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