Watch Dogs 2 (or Watch_Dogs2) has received a free 3 hour demo on PS4, with Xbox One set to follow on the 24th January.

Ubisoft is allowing players to sample the game in the hopes of persuading those on the fence to purchase the full title, following less than impressive sales at release. The game shifted somewhere in the region of 80k copies in its first week, in comparison to the impressive 380k sold by the original Watch Dogs in the same period of time. This sharp decrease was well documented, and it’s clear Ubisoft is addressing the issue by allowing gamers a free trial of Watch Dogs 2.

The free trial allows full access to the game, including co-op modes and multiplayer. Ubisoft have also stated that any progress made in either single-player or the respective multiplayer modes will carry over to the full game, should the demo convince you to make the purchase.

Watch Dogs 2 is set in a fictionalised version of San Francisco

The game launched to generally favourable reviews, with many critics praising its interesting characters and innovative, open-world gameplay mechanics. Reviewers felt that, despite lower sales, the game was an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way.

This writer has never played either of the two titles due to a long-standing fatigue of the ‘Ubisoft formula’ (think Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry where side quests generally revolve around clearing tower-type structures that are full of enemies), but if you’ve been waiting for a chance to try the game without wanting to spend your hard-earned cash first, now is your opportunity.


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