Every year, gamers can predict what games will end up being the most discussed among the community. 2017 looks set to be no different, with big, blockbuster titles set to be released in the coming months. Renowned franchises such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and The Legend of Zelda are all set to receive entries in the next year, and these titles will surely be the source of much discussion in the gaming world. However, each year seems to bring a selection of hidden gems; games that fly under the radar until they are released to critical and general acclaim. One such title that has all the signs of fitting in to this category is Rime.

Rime, developed by Tequila Works, is what many would class as an ‘indie’ game, drawing comparisons to other indie titles such as thatgamecompany’s Journey, released in 2012, mainly due to its cel-shaded art style. Indeed, the game has also drawn comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the same reason and it’s easy to see why. Just take a look at our nifty comparison below.

Rime (top) has been compared to Wind Waker (bottom)

Rime’s initial reveal in 2013 garnered much praise, with the atmosphere of the game being compared to two Team Ico titles: Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. The comparisons seem fitting, as both of these games have an air of mystery to their respective worlds, refusing to hold the player’s hand too much and instead allowing those playing to just explore and discover things for themselves. Rime definitely seems to possess the same mystique, the sense that something is slightly off, and that you’re here to discover whatever it is. These intimate types of experiences can often be more rewarding than massive AAA titles that lack a sense of atmosphere, or that struggle to create the feeling of a believable world.


With the interest generated from that initial reveal comes pressure, and Tequila Works CEO Raúl Rubio has discussed this in an article with Gamezindustry.biz (1) where he states that the game may not be what people expect it to be. He stressed that the title is what it is, an indie game, and that creates certain constraints in itself. Issues such as financing the game and the size of the team who are working on it all impact on what type of experience the developers are trying to create. It’s obvious from how Rubio is talking that the game is intended to be a short-but-sweet type adventure, or what you might call a typical indie game experience. So it’s clear that we should not get ahead of ourselves until release.


It’s hard to deny that the game is shaping up nicely however, and it’s difficult not to get excited at it’s potential. With all the massive games coming in the next year, here’s hoping that Rime will fulfil its promise and that it will be up there when we’re discussing the great gaming experiences of 2017.

Rime is set for a May 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.



(1): http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2016-10-25-tequila-works-the-reason-of-rime




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