There have been concerns about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, concerns that the game will not be ready for the launch of Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. This has only been a concern in Europe, however, due to supposed localisation issues. March is only a few weeks away, and rumors have suggested that the game may not be ready for such a soon release.

Zelda Pre-Order Poster in GAME

The above image has appeared on NeoGAF, showing that GAME stores in Europe are advertising the fact that the game will in fact release in March as anticipated, making said concerns null and void. Thank you, Gamer Gods. 

The game is also set to release for Wii U, so if the image in question is to be believed, those of you who haven’t bought Nintendo’s current gen console, will not have to do so to experience Link’s next adventure.

Nintendo Switch

Here’s hoping! Watch this space.


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